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Wignells of Melbourne

430 Johnston Street,
Abbotsford, Victoria,
Australia, 3067
P: (03) 9417 3315
F: (03) 9416 0262

Trading Hours
Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
Sat 9am - 3pm
Sun 11am - 3pm



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Stoves, Cookers and Rangehoods

Aga Heat Storage Cookers

Aga Heat Storage Cookers and Stoves

Features and Benefits

  • Heat Storage Cooker - The heat source generated by natural or LP gas or oil is continually released by the cast iron through the ovens and hotplates - that's why an AGA is always ready to use.
  • Choose between 2, 3 or 4 oven models
  • AGA cookers and stoves can be run on natural or LP gas, electricity and oil, as well as and most can be equipped to provide domestic hot water.
  • The main body of an AGA is made of cast iron - a dense, strong and stable metal with remarkable heat storage and transmission properties.
  • Available with conventional or powerflue.
  • Insulated Hotplates for simmering and boiling
  • Roasting Oven used for grilling, roasting and baking
  • Simmering Oven for simmering and overnight slow-cooking
  • Under a metre wide in size
  • Can be combined with either an Integrated or a Freestanding Module.
  • Available in 11 designer colours
AGA Cooker and Stove six-four series cooker / stove models



The Aga 6/4 Classic

Six-Four Dual Fuel Cooker and stove

The Aga 6/4 Classic Cooker / Stove

Features and Benefits

  • AGA Six-Four Series Cooker / Stove is one of the finest cookers available
  • AGA Classic Styling with cast iron exterior, finished in lustrous enamel forged at AGA's Coalbrookdale foundry.
  • With six high quality burners, including a powerful 4.5kW wok burner and a 5kW ultra rapid response burner
  • A conventional oven, a fully programmable fan oven, a simmering oven and a separate, state of the art ceramic grill.
  • Digital timer for automatic cooking
  • Easy clean oven linings
  • Flame failure device for highest level safety
  • Can be installed between standard units, in an island unit or as a stand alone feature
AGA Cooker and Stove Range available and on display at Wignells of Melbourne



Aga Cookshop stainless Steel


Stainless Steel
Aga Cookware and Accessories

Wignells carry the Aga range of cookware and accessories especially designed for Aga, Rayburn and slow combustion cookers. The beautiful Aga cookware is designed to suit every taste and is available in aluminium, cast iron and stainless steel is also suitable to other types of electric and gas conventional stoves. We also stock bakeware, kettles, textiles, cookbooks and cleaning products. If you love cooking you will love the Aga cookware.



Aga Cookshop
Aga Cast Iron
Case Iron
Aga Case Aluminium
Cast Aluminium
Aga Kettles
Aga Bakeware

Stanley Donard Slow Combustion Cookers





Stanley Traditional Slow Combustion Stoves

The Donard MkII Slow Combustion Stove

Features and Benefits of the Stanley cooker / stove

  • New classic style doors
  • Lift up style door catches
  • Improved flue box draught diverter design.
  • New curves door design
  • Completely new Flue Box Design
  • Larger Range of Colours available
  • Twin hotplate covers Standard
  • 2 x Large capacity ovens
  • Hot water Boilers are vitreous lined to resist corrosion.
  • Optional Low Pressure Hot water Boiler for domestic hot water
  • Optional High Power Boiler for heating to service central heating system with upto 12 radiators
  • summer grate to reduce firebox size when central heating is not required
  • Optional Splash Back and Plate Rack
  • Front firebox loading
  • choice of enamel black, mink, forest green, blue, cream & claret




Errigal/Traditional Slow Combustion Stove / cooker

Features and Benifits of the Stanley Cooker / Stove

      • Cast Iron Durability
      • Attractive Traditional Styling combined with Modern Technology
      • Even Heat Cast Iron Oven with Temperature Gauge
      • Large Cooking Surface
      • Large Fire Box
      • Domestic Hot Water Boiler (Central Heating Model also available)
      • Multi Fuel Capability
      • Long Burning
      • Choice of Durable Vitreous Enamel Finish or Senotherm (Black) Painted Finish
      • Simple Controls
      • Efficiency and Economy
      • Optional Platerack & Splashback
      • Optional Hot Plate Cover & Side Shelf

Other Stanley models available from Wignells are: The Comeragh Stoves




Thermalux Stirling

Thermulux Slow Combustion Wood Stove /cooker - The Stirling

Features and Benefits of the Thurmalux Cookers

  • Slow Combustion Wood Cooker / Stove
  • Genuine 2 oven cooker
  • Large Oven
  • Large hotplate and skimmer plate with hotplate covers
  • Heavy Steel Construction
  • Coloured Doors Standard
  • Chrome Top As Standard
  • Thurmalux Cookers and Stoves comes Without Hot Water as Standard
  • Optional domestic hot water boiler up to 400 Iitres
  • Optional 20 kw plus CD Central heating Boiler

The Thermulux cookers and stoves available from Wignells:
Supreme Mk3, Clarendon, Grand Crusine





Rayburn Cookmaster 200SFW - Wood Fired Cooking Stove

Rayburn Cookmaster 200SFW - Wood Fired Cooking Stove

Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured from cast iron in a wide selection of Vitreous enamelled exterior finish.
  • Compact and efficient cooker perfect for smaller kitchens
  • Large main oven and a smaller warming oven
  • Square hotplate lids
  • Capable of burning wood and seasoned timber and has a new wood grate facility added. Other recommended fuels are smokeless coal, bituminous coal and peat, making it perfect for today's environmentally concerned cooks

Other models available from Wignells
Rayburn Cookmaster 300W (Cooking model only)
Rayburn Heatranger 212SFW (Cooking and Domestic Hot Water model)




Rayburn Heatranger 345W

Rayburn Heatranger 345W Cooker - Stove

Features and Benefits

  • Fuel - Wood Only - It's special grate will optimise the combustion efficiency of wood for both cooking and central heating
  • Thermostatic and manual controls
  • The Heatranger 300 has a large hotplate and increased depth to match standard 600mm kitchen units.
  • Water Output 35,000Btu/h 10.5kW 12 Radiators
  • Hot water System Gravity DHW and pumped heating
  • Water cylinder size option 190 litres

Other models available from Wignells
Rayburn Heatranger 216SFW
Rayburn Heatranger 355SFW




Gourmet cooker combination

Rayburn Cookmaster 200SFW - Wood Fired Cooking Stove

Features and Benefits

  • The Gourmet Cooker is a combination cooker & heater
  • Slow Combustion Wood Stove
  • Large cook top surface
  • 2 x Hot Plate Access Lids for Wok Cooking
  • Huge oven with large glass door
  • Steel Fire Box, Brick Lined
  • Can heat up to 8Sqrs
  • Oven Thermometer for accurate temperature control
  • Unique venting system which allows easy control of oven temperatures.
  • Massive FireBox with Glass Door
  • Easy User friendly Controls
  • Domestic Hot Water models with 5, 8 or 15 kw hot water jackets for hydronic heating panels.


Gourmet cooker



The Bakers Oven by Nectre

The Bakers Oven by Nectre Fireplaces

A unique combination of a slow combustion heater and an oven it will cook everything from beautiful roasts to delicious bread

Features and Benefits of the Nectre cooker /stove

  • Cook top above the fire box
  • 2 removable Hop Plate Rings
  • Medium Size Oven
  • Medium Size Fire Box
  • Heats up to 12 squares comfortably
  • An optional Low Pressure Wet Back is available to heat domestic hot water recommend for heating up to 300Lrt Storage tank


Nectre fireplaces





Executive Mini-Trim

Executive Mini-Trim

Qasair Range Hoods

Features and Benefits of the Qasair Range Hoods

  • QASAIR range hoods are designed to remove the by-products of cooking widely recognised as a leader in kitchen ventilation throughout Australia.
  • Heritage Range hoods, 600 H, 700 H and 900 H come with a single motor, and have a maximum air movement of 950 cubic metres of air per hour on high speed.
  • Each range hood moves 475 cubic metres of air per hour on low speed.
  • The 1200 H and 1500 H are twin motor range hoods. Each unit has four speeds, and moves a maximum of 1800 cubic metres of air per hour, when both motors are operated on high speed. This is more than sufficient to effectively ventilate the kitchen and remove all odours and smoke.
  • Very quite motors
  • All range hoods are supplied with a stainless steel flue, which come in four different lengths - 600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm and 1500 mm.
  • Available in stainless steel / powderkote colours / copper or brass finishes
  • Over 100 different models of range hoods in various finishes.

Contact Wignells to discuss the requirements for your range hood.

Qasair range hoods



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